Capture every Business Expense on the fly!

Business Expense Management Software
All expenses are submitted on time with almost no effort thanks to Finly's prepaid Card & OCR Technology.
The system also gives complete control on the transactions ensuring policy compliance.
Mr. Rohit Alva,
Sales Manager, ACG Agrotech Limited
Designed by Finance & Technology Experts
to Empower Companies.
"Not spending time on reporting my Business expenses & there is no delay in reviewing any of my reimbursements of travel requests all thanks to Finly's Mobile App."
Ms Shruti Kapoor,
Head of Business Development, Payoneer Inc.

“Without any visiblity into our clients expenses we couldn’t come up with policies to control them. Once we had the policies it was difficult to have every employeee comply with them. Finly’s expense management was a good solution we came across to fix these issues. We had most of our clients move onto their system to solve these issues and it also digitalised our auditing process. ”

“The analytics & reports we are able to generate out of Finly is responsible for the realistic budgets we have came up with for this year. We are also able to ensure that each of our departments spend within these budgets all thanks to Finly.”
Mr. Rafiq Shah,
CFO, Sky Contractors & Developers
Latest Technology
with seamless Integrations
Features designed for a scaling Business
Trusted by over 500+ Customers ranging from Midscale Businesses to Enterprises.
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